Santorini transportation SantAir CCA

The reliable and safe transport of patients by doctors is the purpose built marine ambulance 17 meters long modernly equipped with the most efficient machinery.
For the Safe and painless transfer of all emergency cases our Sea Ambulance consists of :

Hydraulic stretcher with cushioning system.
Ventilator for incubated patients.
Complete cardiology equipment (cardiograph, defibrillator).
All the facilities for dealing with complex cases such as orthopedic and surgical.

The emergency air transfer is performed by an aircraft Beechcraft ΒΕ 200, certified for the patient’s transport, with pressurized cabin, capacity of 2 stretchers and 1.100km range.
For the Safe and painless transfer of all emergency cases our Air Ambulance consists of :

  1. Qualified Pilots, previous senior Greek Air Force officers.
  2. Highly trained physicians of all specialties.
  3. Educated Nurses in emergency evacuation.


The emergency department operates 24 hours a day and is available with full mobile ambulance unit equipment.
(+30) 22860 21728


SANTAIR CCA along with CENTRAL CLINIC of SANTORINI have experienced doctors, providing high quality medical services, with dignity, respect and responsibility.
The highly trained and experienced personnel is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on duty, for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of every patient.
Even the pilots come from military air force, having thousands flight hours under any conditions!
The nurses and staff are constantly educated so they are absolutely capable to offer you best of services.